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So So Spooky
Kiseop - NVRLND
Title: So So Spooky
Pairing: Dongho/Soohyun; Kiseop/Kevin
Genre: Crack, Fluff, Horror?
Rating: PG-15 *Language* *Suggestive*
Disclaimer: I sadly, don't own any of the people and creatures in this story!!
Warnings: BoyxBoy, MUNSTAS, and Language
Summary: Soohyun takes Dongho to a Haunted House~!!

“This ought to be super spooky, eh?”

“I really don't wanna do this hyung. I'm scared!”

“Don't be. Nothing's gonna hurt you.”

“How do you know?? Have you ever done this?”

“Umm..duh! Plenty of times. I'm the master.”

“Hyung! Don't go in!!” Soohyun stopped and turned to look at Dongho who was cowering in his Panda costume. He was trembling slightly from the cold and from the fact that they were about to step into the Jaws of all evil, the seed of malevolent nightmares!! “THE” Haunted House. The scariest attraction made by man so far. Soohyun held his hand out to Dongho. His face was comforting.

“C'mon. I'll protect you. I promise.” Dongho shakily out-stretched his cool hand to his boyfriend. Who took it in his warm embrace and they were off.

“I don't think I can go through with this..I might have a panic attack or something!” Soohyun snickered at his young mates accusations. It was just a haunted house...how bad could it be?? (:

The two boys stepped into the house. It was dark..almost pitch. And then the door slammed behind them. There was giggling in the far right corner of the room. Almost immediately following that the lights gradually lifted, revealing a blood splattered room. Fog ghosted through the morbid room like a lost soul. Soohyun scanned the room and soon rested his curious eyes on a shaking figure in the corner. No doubt Dongho had seen it too because at this point he was about to break Soohyun's arm pulling him out of the room.

“Wait, Donggie. I wanna go see if she's alright.” Dongho was becoming more hysterical.

“Soohyun!! What is wrong with you?? It's all part of the house! She's just gonna scare us shit-less!” Dongho whispered harshly in hopes that the firgure wouldn't hear him and come running after them anyways.

“Dongho! Language!” Soohyun whispered back. The younger boy managed to pull his hyung down the hall towards the next room. He just wanted all of this to be over. The next room was unnaturally full of...fog. Fog here. Fog there. Fog in your hair! It was almost hard to breathe..The lights flickered in a haphazard pattern. Once they stepped in the lights stopped flickering and it was pitch again. There was the sound of running footsteps and maniacal laughter.

“Soohyun. Pull out your phone so we can see! Hurry.” Dongho whispered. Soohyun let go of Dongho's hand, reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone. He turned the screen on and flashed it in Donghos face and the both of them moved on in silence.



“Why are you holding my hand so tightly?” It did kinda hurt the way the younger one was squeezing his hand... Dongho stopped. Soohyun, flashed the light at his lover and noticed the horrified look on his face. Dongho slowly began to lift one hand up to the light, then the other...

“I'm not holding your hand, hyung..” Soohyun's heart skipped a beat.

He quickly flashed the light downwards and there was a wrinkly old hand with bloody, chipped nails grasping his hand. He flashed it up into the beasts face and was met with a yellowed, pointed teeth smile! Dongho and Soohyun both screamed and ran for the door with the creature on their trail. Once the door was kicked open, Dongho grabbed his hyung and they raced down the hall on the right. It was dimly lit by the windows that plaited the left wall all the way down to another door. The grisly beast was still quickly limping behind them. Now that he was in the light they could see his abnormally long arms that dragged on the floor behind him as he ran..err..limped! Dongho opened the door at the end of the hall, shut it behind them, and locked it. Soohyun quickly flicked the switch on the wall and the lights flickered on. What in the hell did he get them into?

“What are we gonna do now? See, I knew we shouldn't have come here! This place is really too much!”

“Donggie, calm dow-”

“No! I want out. Now. Please?” Dongho looked up into his hyung's deep eyes pleadingly. Soohyun rolled his eyes and motioned for the younger to follow him. There was another door on the other side of the room. Maybe it was an exit....if not, they would have to take the window. Soohyun walked up to the door and gently pushed Dongho away. He was going to snatch the door open. If there was someone...or something on the other side he didn't want it attacking his panda.

“Alright. On the count of three..I'll open it okay?” Dongho nodded in agreement.

“Okay, one...two.......THREE~!!” He swung the door open and he waited, but nothing ever came. He took a peek inside and he saw another hallway. How complex WAS this house?? He grabbed Donggie and began to walk quickly down the hallway.

He began to notice how the hallway seemed to get...smaller and smaller the further on they went. Soon it got to point where they were single-file. Then there were doors. Lots of them. On each side. Dongho gripped the back of Soohyun's shirt with the strength of a lion! He wasn't going to be taken that easily. They finally made it to the end of the hallway untouched..or scared. There was another opening and another door. Soohyun dove for it and soon they were outside, but not where they had started. They were on an old porch and not 10 feet away from them was a field of...corn. It seemed to go on for forever.

“I'm not going in there. I'd rather go back in the house.”

“And face that thing in there?” Dongho fell silent and grabbed his hyung's hand. This wasn't going to be fun. They set off into the field. It was very tightly packed with the tall plants. They walked for what seemed like at least 20 minutes when Dongho stopped.

“Soohyunnie, we've been walking for forever. We should go back. I don't think it ever ends.”

“It has to end. That wouldn't be logical.” Soohyun grabbed Dongho and was abou to set off again when they heard rattling in the distance and heavy breathing..

“What was that??” Dongho whispered as he held onto Soohyun's waist. The sound got closer and closer . Dongho buried his face into Soohyung, waiting for the creature to scare them 'shit-less'.

“Hello?” They heard a familiar voice.

“Hello??” Soohyun asked back. There was more rustling and then Kiseop popped his head in through the tall stalks.

“Oh my god! Hey!! I've been lookin for you guys.” Dongho jumped on Kiseop! He hugged him and sobbed incoherent ramblings into his chest. Kevin soon popped up behind Kiseop. He got the same treatment from Dongho as well.

“Dongho! What's gotten into you?? Haha! Calm down.”

“How did you guys know we were here?” Soohyun inquired.

“We saw your car outside.” The four of them started to have a deep conversation about their horrifying experiences
while in the house. They were so preoccupied they didn't notice the abomination creeping up on them until it was too late. The monster grabbed Dongho's shoulder and moaned while blood dripped in globs from his torn and misplaced jaw. The four of them screamed in horror and ran and more of the moaning limping creatures manifested out of the stalks. They ran and ran until they finally came to the edge of the stalks. There was a man there smiling with stickers and shirts.

“Congratualtions! You surv-” The four boys ran clear past him still screaming. Kevin decided to run back up to the man, take their shirts and stickers, and make his way back to the group.

“Thank you!” He yelled back at the man. When they could run no longer they stopped and kneeled over to catch their breath. They were wheezing and panting horribly. The trio was soon joined by Kevin who dropped their merch on a random car bumper and dropped to the ground in exhaustion.

“Soohyun...I....I hate...you!” Dongho said in between breaths. Soohyun chuckled to himself before patting Dongho on the shoulder. After about 30 minutes of resting in the parking lot the four said their goodbyes and went home. Dongho sleepily got in the car with his hyung. He was uber exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. When he looked over however Soohyun was smiling as he turned the key. He caught Dongho looking and smiled even wider. Dongho narrowed his eyes at Soohyun.

“Don't start thinkin you're gonna get any of this tonight! Especially after you almost got me killed! You must be out of your sweet mind.” Dongho buckled his seat belt and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Aww~ C'mon sweety. I totally saved you tonight. On more than one occasion. Don't deny it.”

“Hyung, it's late and I'm tired. Just tke me to your place so I can go to bed.”

“So you're gonna be stubborn, eh?”

“Yes. I am.” Soohyun chuckled before reaching over to rub Dongho's thigh through his fluffy costume. Dongho slapped his hand away and turned his body away. His hyung burst out laughing at his childish acts. Soohyun just shrugged however and turned the radio on while they drove. To his surprise his favorite song came on!

“Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun” Dongho groaned and covered his ears for the impending doom.

“Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry, Naega naega naega munjuh, Nehgae nehgae nehgae, bbajuh bbajuh bbajuh party baby!”

“NO!” Dongho screamed, but Soohyun just turned it up even louder.

“Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty, Noonee booshuh booshuh booshuh, Soomee makhyuh makhyuh makhyuh, Naega micheo micheo baby~!!!”

The ride home was Super Junior-licious, as Soohyun would describe it.

YAY~!! Haven't written anything in so long. Been busy with school and all. Plus I haven't really been very enthused to write much. But now that it's Halloween (One of my favorite holidays) I gotta post a lil somethin~!! ENJOY!! :D


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