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BWAHAHA~! I lost 12 lbs. YAY~! That's alot. OH! and I don't weigh 150 HAHA! I weigh like 130, but since I lost the 12 lbs I weigh 118. WOOP! And when me new credit card gets here Imma buy me sum Miyavi merchandise (♥.♥)

I went on this site today (forgot the name...) and listened to these weird beat things that are suppose to help you channel your chakra or something and open your 3rd eye and now I have a MEGA headache. HELP!!! After listening to it I was really tired and relaxed. But once that wore off My head was about to explode! It doesn't hurt so much now, but it was really bad a while ago. Not migrane bad, but...bad enough.

I also think I'm falling in love with Ryutaro Arimura (Plastic Tree). I just think he's SO adorable. And his voice is ABSOLUTELY dreamy..~
I don't even really know how to explain how much i his voice!! And he's really cute too~

Here ish my favorite picture OF ALL TIME of him.

He's so natural in this piccy. He also looks good WITHOUT his make-up on. You don't see that too often. ^^

I would SO marry him, even thoug he's like 37. That's not too old though. It's not like he's 50. Now THAT would be a no-no :D
And he like Radiohead! I ADORE their music. I've loved them ever since I was 5. Now that's a LONG time. My next goal is to get my mom to buy that electric guitar that guy at her job is selling. She didn't say how much he was charging. I should go up there and ask. Cuz if she isn't gonna buy it I WILL. Even though I don't know how to play it I can still teach myself how to play. Just how I taught myself how to play violin.



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