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Savvy Stalker
Title: Savvy Stalker
Pairing: Tao/Kris
Genre: Romance, SMUT (in later chapters!!)
Rating: R (suggestive)
Disclaimer: UGH~!!! I don't own anyone. :P WAI?!?!?
Warnings: BoyxBoy, Language
Summary: A short walk home turns into something more complex..

It had been a long hard day of dance practice and he was heading home to relax and maybe watch a little TV. He felt his tummy growl at that moment. He lazily neglected going grocery shopping for the past week so there was nothing in the fridge to eat. He sighed in annoyance as he altered his plans slightly to go pick up some take-out.

“I really need to stop procrastinating...” Tao whispered to himself. It was quite dark outside by this time. He'd just come from Xuimin's house after playing countless video games. Xuimin offered him basically everything in the kitchen, but he wasn't hungry...at the time. His mind was on all the new games his buddy had ordered. The dark haired teen cursed himself for not bothering to eat anything.

Tao pulled his grey hoodie out of his bag as a cold gust of wind hit him, sending eerie chills down his spine. He pulled the soft fabric over his head and continued to walk. The streets were quiet. A little too quiet for his tastes. Scary thoughts began to run through his head. Aliens swooshing down and abducting him, a ghost crawling out of a window of the nearby apartments like they did in the movies, and other crazy things. He began to walk a little faster. All of a sudden he heard the sound of feet. Right behind him. Right on his heels. His heart dropped. How long had this person been behind him? How hadn't he heard or sensed them before? Was he going to die? Tao quickly turned around and threw a punch. It landed. Hard. The person stumbled backwards onto the sidewalk. Tao just stood there breathing heavily. His eyes wild. Then he heard a familiar voice groaning in displeasure. The figure on the ground pulled their dark hood back and Tao's jaw dropped.

“Oh my god! Gege!! I'm so sorry!!” Tao immediately got down to check on the slightly groggy person who was on the ground groaning and rubbing his cheek. Tao soon helped him up on his feet. He lost his balance for a split second, but Tao caght him and was holding him up.

“I didn't know you could hit so hard, Tao.” Kris commented while chuckling. He soon winced in pain as his jaw started to hurt again.

“Here, let me take you home. God! I feel so bad. I thought you were some creeper. You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that!” Kris just laughed again.

“Sorry if I scared you.” The two walked a short distance to a nearby subway station. The descending stairs were a bit dark and made Tao a bit uneasy. It reminded him of a scene in a scary movie he saw at Lay's house. To his delight there were lights on in the station. They flickered from time to time, but they'd have to do. They sat down on a bench and waited for the next train to come.

“Soooo~,” Tao started off nervously. Twiddling his slender fingers before caressing his knuckles which were beginning to feel a bit sore. “..how long had you been following me?” Kris smirked again. And slouched down into the bench a bit.

“Ever since you left Xiumin's house. I was gonna go see what Xiumin was doing because I was bored, but then I saw you. So I decided to see what you were up to.” Tao gave him a questioning look at this new information.

“It was dark and you were alone. Didn't want you getting kidnapped or raped by crazy fans.” Tao squinted his eyes at Kris and his crazy reasoning. The teen wasn't exactly buying what his gege was spatting. He didn't want to call out the fact that Kris was obviously stalking him so he just shrugged and sat back on the bench.

Soon the train came. Slowly halting in front of them. The doors opened and a few people came walking out. Tao patted Kris' shoulder and signaled for him to get up. The train was empty except for a few other guys down at the other end of the train. Kris grabbed Tao by the wrist and pulled him to the other side of the train away from the other guys who were talking and laughing loudly. They looked to be drunk.

“I still can't believe I hit you.” Tao sighed and slumped in his seat next to Kris. The right side of Kris' face was beginning to turn purple-ish. It was definitely going to bruise.

“I'm sorry.”

“It's okay. I kinda deserved it for creepin up on a martial artist.” Kris smiled at Tao and nudged his arm to reassure him. A small smile formed on Tao's lips, feeling a little less like a man-beater. The train finally arrived at their stop. Tao patted Kris again to wake him up and they were off. Tao's house wasn't very far from here. The younger began to worry about his gege. What if he had given him a concussion? That would explain why he kept falling asleep. It was only 9:47. And it would also explain why he could hardly walk straight. Maybe he was drunk.

“Have you been drinking gege?”

“Nope.” Tao nodded before pulling his keys out and unlocking the front door. When the two were in the house Tao locked the door and went straight for the freezer. He pulled out a bag of frozen squid legs and handed them to Kris. He didn't have any peas since those weren't really his favorite vegetables. Plus he hadn't really gone shopping.

“Ugh....what is this?” Kris said as he twisted his face up in disgust at the legs.

“Put the bag on your face, silly!” Kris nodded to himself and mouthed a 'Ahhh~' before he obeyed and gently pressed the bag to his tender cheek.

“I'm ordering out. Is there anything in particular you want?” Tao asked as he took off his shoes and hung his jacket up.

“Can we have pizza? I've actually been craving that for awhile now. Make sure you have them put squid legs on it!” Kris joked. Tao laughed and made his way into the living room. He flicked on the TV for Kris and pulled out his cellphone.

While Tao was ordering the food Kris decided to go snooping around. He slipped his shoes off and sneaked past Tao and into his bedroom. It was extremely neat in here. His bookcase was alphabetized. It was full of fantasy, manga, and even a complete set of encyclopedias from A to Z. Complete definition of a Nerd. Kris thought to himself as he looked around a bit more. The clothes in his drawers were neatly folded. Even the underwear. The clothes in the closet were color coded. It was pretty amazing. How does he find the time to do all of this?? He soon made his way into the bathroom. It was perfectly clean and orderly too. White, shiny, and spotless in fact. Matching bathroom accessories and everything. Nice. He turned to leave only to be staring Tao in the face. The raven-haired boy had his arms crossed and wore a confused look. Kris chuckled nervously.

“Hehe~ hey there!” Tao rolled his eyes playfully and pulled Kris back into the living room. They both plopped down on the couch. Tao picked up the remote and began flicking through the channels.

“Ya know? If I didn't know any better...I'd say you were stalking me.” Tao said while grinning deviously. Kris grinned. Amused by Tao's blunt statement. The tall boy did his signature chuckle and relaxed even more into the couch's plush cushions. He didn't respond. Mainly because he knew it was true, but he wouldn't tell Tao that.

“So I'm guessing my assumption was correct, yes? Does that mean you like me Kris gege?” Tao whispered the last part quite cutely. Kris choked a bit and began to feel a little too warm in his black jacket. He placed his squiddies on the table while he pulled off the thick fabric. Tao watched intently. His interest peaking. Kris' shirt lifted up a bit along with the jacket revealing his tan subtle abs. He could see the top of his boxers peaking out from under his jeans. The sight was delicious. Tao bit his lower lip subconsciously. Just then the doorbell rang. Tao sighed reluctantly and stood to answer the door. He dipped in the kitchen to retrieve his wallet from his bag before greeting the pizza boy.

Kris smiled at himself as soon as Tao was out of sight. Mission accomplished. Kris knew Tao was watching. He also knew that his jacket was loose enough to take off without his shirt lifting. He did that on purpose too. He also noticed Tao's soft sigh as he had to leave. Two could play this game and he made damn sure he played it to the max. Tao soon returned with the box. The smell was heavenly. It made Kris' mouth water. He hadn't noticed how hungry he was until now, it was quite overwhelming!

“I hope you like it.” Tao said sheepishly as he sat the box down in front of Kris on the coffee table. He began twiddling his fingers nervously again and motioned for the older to open the box. Kris raised an eyebrow as he saw what was on it. Ham, banana peppers, black olives, pineapples....garlic crust? Didn't look too bad. He picked up a slice and took a small bite. Tao stood, watching his expression change. Does he like it? Suddenly the other smiled with his (uninjured) cheek full of food. He shook his head at Tao.

“This is weird as hell, but it's REALLY good, Tao!” The younger boy smiled and hopped over excitedly to sit by Kris. He snatched up a slice and began to chow down. Soon the box was empty and the two boys were stuffed. Tao turned the DVD player on and decided to put on a movie since there was nothing interesting on TV. He walked over to his many shelves of dvds and held his chin thoughtfully.

“Anything you feel like watching gege?” Kris smirked mischievously.

“How about something scary. Got any ghost movies?” Tao rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“You know I hate those movies, Kris.” Tao whined as he rubbed his shoulders protectively.

“But I'm here to hold you and make you feel all nice and secure~” Tao shook his head back and forth furiously. He didn't want to watch a scary movie, but cuddling with his gege didn't sound half bad either. Especially if he'd be able to bury his face into that hard tan chest of his.

Kris observed as Tao thought over his offer. He knew Tao would put the movie on anyways just to cuddle. He was winning. And he liked it. He would soon find out that Tao was a formidable opponent.

“You pick it.” Tao muttered as he plopped back down in the couch. Kris smiled ear-to-ear as he slyly made his way to the shelves. For someone who was scared of horror movies he had quite a bit of them. They must have been gifts or something. Tao pulled his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them as he waited. Waited for the inevitable. If only he hadn't punched him...Wait! This is his fault! He was the one following me!! He'll pay before the night is over.

Kris finally decided on a film. A scary one that he'd seen before. There was plenty of blood and ghosts and scary-ness. It was perfect. One Missed Call. The movie that made HIM not check the voicemail on his phone for about 3 months. He wasn't really the type to get spooked easily, but that movie did it for him. When he pulled it out of the shelf his smile widened. It still had the plastic wrap on it. That meant Tao hadn't seen it yet. Perfect.

“Hey, let's watch this.” Kris held the case up for Tao to see. He watched as the younger's brows furrowed up into an adorable worried expression.

“No, that looks too scary.” Tao said cutely with his lips in that pout he wore so well.

“You said I could pick.” Kris quickly unwrapped the case and inserted the CD. He made his way back over to the couch where Tao had his face buried in his knees. He sat down and wrapped his arm around the younger's shoulders.

“C'mon. It won't be THAT bad. Come here.” Kris pulled him closer and Tao leaned into him, wrapping his arms around the older's waist. Taking in his scent. He wanted to let Kris think that he was winning this game. So far it was working. The movie began. Tao tried not to pay attention, but his interest peaked again. So far it wasn't that scary. A girl was in the bathroom checking her phone. Apparently she'd missed a call. Through the phone she heard screaming and then that was it. When the group of friends had dispersed the girl was walking down a street and there was this eerie cracking noise. She turned around to see what was going on and the camera turned away. There was screaming. Tao cringed. The movie went on. Horrifying scene after another. Soon Tao had made his way into Kris' lap. Right where he wanted to be.

Kris was enjoying the feeling of Tao in his lap. Enjoying it a little more than he planned. He could feel his member slowly hardening thanks to the constant pressure in his lap. Tao wiggling around every now and then wasn't helping either.

Tao buried his face into Kris' chest and grabbed a handful of his shirt. He made sure to wiggle his butt just slightly against Kris' groin. He smiled as he felt that slight hardness against him. He liked this game.

Kris was barely able to keep his calm. He tried focusing on the movie, but feeling Tao squirming against him was making him crazy. He couldn't help it as he breathed a deep, gentle sigh down Tao's exposed neck. He felt the younger shiver slightly. Tao looked up into his eyes. He gave a small innocent smile.

“What's wrong, gege? Am I too heavy? I can move...if you want.” Kris did indeed want Tao to move so he could stop getting so turned on, but he also didn't want Tao to win. He knew Tao was doing this on purpose.

“No, you're alright.” Kris gave Tao a reassuring pat on the shoulder before he returned his attention to the movie.

Tao turned his head back in the direction of the TV. He pretended to watch the movie a bit more before he decided to make his next move. He was becoming more and more determined to see how far his gege would go to win this little game he had going. He looked back up at Kris who had his eyes closed and his head tilted back.

“Gege?” Kris snapped up. “I have to go to the bathroom.” Kris was a bit confused. Why was he telling him this.

“Well....you can go. I'll be okay.” Tao's eyebrows furrowed into that same cute worried expression.

“I...I don't wanna go alone. I'm scared....will you go with me and stand outside?” Kris rolled his eyes before he agreed and lifted the raven-haired boy off of his throbbing lap. He tugged the crotch of his jeans down to make himself a bit more comfortable as he followed Tao down the dark hall. Tao walked in and turned to close the door.

“No peeking, okay?” Kris rolled his eyes again and waved the other away with a smile. When Tao was gone he leaned against the wall and felt himself cooling down. He decided to play a harmless prank on Tao for making him suffer on the couch. So he went and hid in his room in the closet. He would get his revenge. Or so he thought.

Tao came out of the bathroom only to see that his gege was gone. The dark hallway seemed to get darker.

“Gege? Where did you go?” The teen whispered out in a small voice. He didn't get an answer. He began walking back towards the living room. Constantly looking over his shoulder. When he got there the movie was no longer playing. The screen was black and it was dead silent. He slowly began walking towards the kitchen. Kris heard the younger walk into the living room and silently made his way out and down the hallway. He spotted Tao creeping into the kitchen holding his shoulders protectively like he always did when he was scared or nervous. Now was the perfect time to get him. He had a quick flashback to what had happened earlier that night and was prepared for Tao's quick reflexes. He crept up behind Tao slowly. He could hear the younger breathing heavily. Just a few steps closer. He slid up quickly and wrapped his arms around Tao holding him captive. The younger was screaming and thrashing like crazy. Tao's mind was racing. He swiftly kicked his leg back and hit whomever was holding him. He heard a chocked groan and the grip around him loosened. The weight on his back dragged him to the floor. He quickly threw the arms off of him and crawled away to the light switch. When he turned it on he was once again overcome by guilt. On the floor he saw his gege bent over on the floor. His face buried in the tile while his hands were groping his injured jewels, groaning in pain. Tao palmed his face and sighed. He walked over to Kris and rubbed his back gingerly.

“I'm so sorry.”


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